Ergonomics Analysis and Design Consortium


Access to Software not Commercially Available

Consortium membership makes available the MVTA™ and SVDA™ software for synchronizing and analyzing multi-channel sampled data with video. Provisions are available for synchronizing sampled analog data recorded from biomechanical instruments such as electrogoniometers, force sensors, electromyograms, or any signals associated with video recorded activity. The data can be observed graphically with concurrent video and corresponding data segments can be extracted for analysis. Many new "cutting edge" features in MVTA™and SVDA™ are available to consortium members first before they are available in the commercial versions (usually months if not year in advance).

Consortium member have the added benefit of being able to participate in development and advancement of future functions and features of MVTA™ or SVDA™. Assistance is also provided to members to setup the necessary equipment to work with MVTA™and SVDA™ . Basic training for MVTA™ and SVDA™ are also offered.

Information about the MVTA™ and SVDA™ software are available at:

Consortium Membership Benefits

The consortium offers industrial , research, and government members access to unique  software not available anywhere else. The consortium brings together University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and sponsors who are interested in advancing new ergonomics analytic methods. Members have the opportunity to use new analysis instruments in their own projects, to confer with University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers and other consortium members about their experiences with the software and hardware, and to help influence development of new analysis methods.

A single user license to use the current consortium version of the MVTA software and hardware setup assistance.

bullet System documentation
bullet Training in system operation and analysis
bullet Software/hardware updates when they become available
bullet Consultations with university researchers on system use
bullet Consortium workshops when offered
bullet Development of new software and hardware
bullet Access to information, updates, member activities, and other topics relevant to consortium members
bullet Timely access to reports (except when confidentiality is an issue), publications, and research summaries of consortium-related studies

Members include: NCR Corporation, State of Washington - Department of Labor and Industries, NIOSH-Cincinnati, NIOSH-Pittsburgh.

Ergonomics Analysis And Design Consortium Annual membership is $10,000. Multiple year membership is encouraged.

The Ergonomics Analysis and Design Consortium was created by Professor. Robert G. Radwin of the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

College of Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Contact Information

For more information regarding membership 
Robert G. Radwin, Ph.D. 
Professor and Director
1550 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706


Last Updated: 5/11/2005